About Mike Taigman
Mike Taigman
Over the past thirty years I have been privileged to work in healthcare and emergency medical services in a variety of roles, from EMT to senior management at large public companies. During that time I’ve devoted myself to the goal of relieving the suffering of patients, employees, and leadership.

Much of my work has been to ally constituencies as disparate as managers and field staff, fire departments and private ambulance companies, regulators and those they regulate by consistently focusing on measurably improving patient care through practices that also take care of the organization and employees responsible for providing that care.

This work has allowed me to travel all over the U.S. and the world and to meet remarkable people accomplishing amazing things for others. Here are some things I’ve done:

Business, Management, and Start-ups

  • Key leader in the start up, growth, and ongoing success of several quality award-winning, sustainable EMS and healthcare organizations.
  • One of 2-person team charged with successfully maintaining clinical quality while integrating staff from more than 130 ambulance companies in 33 states, Canada and Mexico as company grew from $55 million to $1.3 billion in annual revenues in five years while senior executive at MedTrans Corporation, now American Medical Response (AMR), the largest private provider of emergency medical services in the country.
  • Part of team to design and implement strategic human resources system throughout 13,000-person organization using then industry-firsts: nationwide employee satisfaction surveys, competency modeling for key positions, competency-based behavioral interviewing system, and corporate values based decision-making tool grounded in the STAR CARE philosophy coauthored with Thom Dick — click the “Resources” page for a free download PowerPoint presentation on STAR CARE.
  • Acted as primary liaison to the National Association of EMS Physicians and its Clinical Standards Committee, part of the team to author “EMS 2000″, a combined effort of NAEMSP and the National Association of State EMS Directors that set the direction for EMS for the next century.
  • One of five founding partners of then-start up Paramedics Plus, LLC; helped set the vision and practices of the company now respected as model of clinical and operational excellence among private ambulance service providers and winner of State Quality Award in each of the two states in which it operates independently.
  • Lead the bid team that that won Paramedics Plus’ first contract valued at approximately $500 million over fifteen years and its second contract which generated $150 million in additional annual revenue.
  • Lead on the ground start up operations from zero to providing EMS services to a population fluctuating between 850 thousand and 1.5 million during season over 285 square miles, including the largest concentration of elderly in the country in 4 months in Pinellas County, Florida.
  • Part of on the ground start-up team to lead 66-day zero to providing service for 750,000 people in San Mateo County, California.

Educator, Speaker, and Author

  • Conducted educational workshops and spoken on healthcare issues at conferences in 48 of the United States, Canada, England, Europe, and Australia, and at annual meetings for groups including the International Association of Fire Fighters, the American Ambulance Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Emergency Nurses Association, and the National Association of EMS Physicians.
  • Authored more than 400 articles published in healthcare journals on topics ranging from healthcare business practices to clinical issues, as well as the popular textbook “Taigman’s Advanced Cardiology in Plain English” and the audio business workshop “Secrets of Successful EMS Leaders” — click the “Resources” page to download a free copy of the audio workshop.
  • Launched a series of educational workshops created to address needs of healthcare organizations, professionals and their patients that weren’t met within the current system including the “Advanced EKG Workshop”, “EMS Street Survival Seminar®”, “EMS Quality Management and Performance Improvement”, and “Frontline Leadership Development” seminars. Click the “Education” button to read more about these workshops.
  • Reviewed hundreds of clinical research projects and co-authored scholarly articles on clinical issues as the only guy with no initials after my name as one of the founding members of UCLA’s Prehospital Care Research Forum in an effort to increase and improve the evidence-based research in this field.
  • Taught graduate level courses in topics including strategic human resources management and quality management as an an instructor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County’s masters program in Emergency Health Services Management.

Consulting and Process Facilitation

  • Helped client organizations and their leadership achieve their goals by helping them clarify what they wanted to achieve and organizing strategies and actionable plans to do so.
  • Facilitated conflict-filled, difficult, and uncomfortable conversations essential to making the improvements they wanted to achieve, drawing from extensive training and education including Dialog, Appreciative Inquiry, Gestalt, Aikido, and Six Sigma to create a customized experience right for each particular group and situation.

Other Specialized Certifications and Courses

  • Psychology of Health and Healing, Naropa Institute, Boulder
  • Somatic Psychology and Education, Lomi School, Petaluma
  • Organizational Systems, doctorate coursework completed, Saybrook University, San Francisco
  • Total Quality Management Facilitator, QCI, San Francisco
  • Six Sigma Black Belt, Aveta Business Solutions
  • Skills for an Empowered Workforce Instructor, Development Dimensions International, San Diego
  • Master Trainer, Development Dimensions International ,San Diego
  • First Things First Facilitator, Covey Leadership Center, Provo
  • Seven Habits of Highly Effective People Facilitator, Covey Leadership Center, Provo
  • Emotional Competence Inventory Administrator, the Hay Group, Boston
  • Adaptive Resilience Indicator Administrator, the Hay Group, Boston
  • Leadership Skills Assessment Administrator, the Hay Group, Boston
  • Culture and Climate Survey Administrator, the Hay Group, Boston
  • Becoming a Better Intervener, the Gestalt Institute of Cleveland, San Mateo
  • Somatic Coaching Program, Rancho Strozzi Institute, Petaluma
  • Behavioral Based Interview Techniques Instructor, Personnel Decisions International, San Diego
  • Dialog, Dialogos, Boston


Newspaper clipping

  • Gold Honor Award For Saving Life, 1987, for extrication and treatment of two gunshot Denver Police officers, extrication taking place while gunfight shooting continued.
  • British Columbia Ambulance Buckle of Champions recipient for contributions to the advancement of the continuous Quality Improvement Process.
  • AMI St. Luke’s EMS Responder Award, 1987
  • Kenny Edwards Award for Excellence in Paramedicine, 1987
  • Paramedic of the Year, State of Colorado, 1987
  • Kenny Edwards Award for Excellence in Paramedicine, 1985
  • Paramedic of the Year, Denver Paramedic Division, 1983

Other Achievements

  • Founded Paramedicine ECR, one of the first education, consulting and research firms specializing in prehospital care;
  • Works with organizations in 48 of the United States, Canada, Europe, England, Australia, and the Middle East;
  • Authored more than 400 published articles for healthcare journals;
  • Presents national and international workshops, seminars, and conferences on topics ranging from healthcare business practices to clinical issues for diverse groups including the International Association of Fire Fighters, the American Ambulance Association, the Coalition of Advanced Emergency Medical Services, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the Emergency Nurses Association, and the National Association of EMS Physicians.
  • Facilitates consulting clients’ accomplishments such as winning national and state quality awards, writing winning bid proposals for competitive RFP processes, improving response time performance from 90 to 92.5%, decreasing employee turnover, and measurably improving patient care and other client-selected key performance areas.