Educational Services

I’m always on the lookout for books, articles, classes, workshops, and ideas that can help paramedics take better care of their patients and themselves, and help leaders take better care of their employees and organizations. Sometimes when I can’t find any for an issue, I create one. Here are some of the more popular ones I’ve done so far:

Strategic Quality Management

Advanced EKG Workshop – A nurse practitioner friend of mine taught me the fine art of interpreting EKG’s before I became a paramedic. During my paramedic training I noticed paramedics weren’t being armed with the knowledge needed to properly care for patients having cardiac emergencies. A team of friends and I created an Advanced EKG Workshop for paramedics to fill that gap, which eventually became popular for physicians too, and led to the book “Taigman’s Advanced Cardiology in Plain English.” One highlight was teaching the class to a Taiwanese Trauma Surgeon in Tasmania.

EMS Street Survival Seminar® – During my clinical career, I noticed that paramedics and EMTs were being injured in violent situations, yet no one was providing them with the knowledge and skills necessary to stay safe while handling shootings, stabbing, gang fights, and other violent situations. My coworker Bruce Adams and I partnered with Caliber Press, the largest trainer of Street Survival skills for law enforcement, to develop and teach this seminar. We trained more than 40,000 EMS professionals all over the country within five years.

Emergency Medicine

EMS Quality Management and Performance Improvement – As I moved to the leadership side of the business, I noticed that while the concept of “quality management” was getting a lot of attention in some areas of healthcare, emergency medical services generally lacked sophisticated quality management processes. Most of what I saw in EMS seemed to be limited to someone sitting in a corner making red marks on patient care reports, without doing anything to improve the system, process of care, or results for customers. To address this gap I worked with Dave Harwood and a team of EMS leaders to develop a series of Quality Management and Performance Improvement seminars, based on the same principles that lead Paramedics Plus LLC to its cross-industry state quality awards. These principles continue to inform much of my consulting work today and have been presented to key EMS organizations including the International Association of Fire Chiefs, the American Ambulance Association annual conference, and the National Association of EMS Physicians.

Frontline Leadership Development – As in many other industries, in emergency medical services people often are promoted to managerial positions without their having had much, or any, management training. When the most skilled frontline paramedic is faced with responsibility for supervising a number of other young clinicians, suddenly that person’s clinical skills become only part of what will make them a successful manager. Working with my partner Stephen Dean, we created an audio workshop called “The Secrets of Successful EMS Leaders” that you can access by clicking on the Resources button.

Custom Client Education – Organizations have asked me to develop custom education for members of their leadership teams or other employees to help them in particular areas such as conflict management, systems thinking, providing effective feedback, customer service, and what I call “Just in Time” leadership education. In the Just in Time Leadership Education sessions we begin with a blank flip chart and I ask participants what they would like to learn about, what issues they are facing, right now. I write their issues on the flip chart, then we use a nominal group process to rank them in order of priority, then we co-create an instant class addressing their issues. Many participants say that these are the most valuable educational programs they have ever attended.